These trees come potted with foliage.

Price sizes are just the size of the trunk.

Prices are based on total trunk size

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Tree Ferns



Tree Ferns 2ft   £125


Tree Ferns 3ft   £195


Tree Fern 4ft   £295

Tree ferns naturally grows under trees and thrives in shade. However, provided it has adequate water, it will equally thrive in full sun too.

 The key to growing a tree fern is water!

Water your tree fern from the crown.

Tree fern are unique in there ability to regrow from seemingly lifeless logs. A trunk need only be placed around 10cm deep into the soil. The trunk will need a very stout stake to hold it firm.


Water copiously on a daily basis, or as often as possible as the new fronds emerge. It is vital to keep watering the trunk for at least 6 months after planting.

An established tree will thrive with very little care other than watering whenever possible. A spring feed of liquid seaweed at the base of the plant promotes frond growth. 

The hardiness of a tree fern increased as the trunk gets taller because the growing point becomes naturally better insulated, as well as higher off the ground. Tree ferns will take a temperature of -10C for short period,

In winter stuff the crown of the tree fern with straw, lift and tie the foliage up around  the straw. In severe winters you can fleece the tree too and add mulch around the base for added protection.