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Hardy Palm Trees

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Nannorrhops Ritchiana

Also known as the Mazari palm

Hardiness -20c

Nannorrhops Ritchiana.jpg

Silver Saw Palmetto

Also known as the Serenoa Repens.

Hardiness -10c

Ravenea hildebrandtii.jpg

Dwarf Majesty Palm

Also known as Ravenea hildebrandtii.

Hardiness -5c

Queen Palm.jpg

Queen Palm
Also known as Syagrus Romanzoffiana or Coco palm.

Hardiness -5c


Arenga Engleri

Also known as the Formosa palm, Taiwan sugar palm, Dwarf sugar palm, or Taiwan Arenga palm.

Hardiness -7c

Trithrinax Campestris.jpg

Trithrinax Campestris

Also known as the Blue needle palm and the caranday palm, carandá, urití or eque.

Hardiness -15c

Butia Eriospatha.jpg

Butia Eriospatha

Also known as the Wooly jelly palm.

Hardiness -12c

miniature fan palm.jpg

Rhapis Excelsa

Also known as the Bamboo palm, miniature fan palm or the lady palm

Hardiness -4c

green saw palmetto.jpg

Green Saw Palmetto

Also know as Serenoa Repens.

Hardiness -12c

Rhapidophyllum hystrix.jpg

Rhapidophyllum Hystrix

Also called the Needle Palm tree.

 Hardiness -20c

SALBA miamiensis.jpg

Sabal Miamiensis

Hardiness -10c

Brahea Edulis.jpg

Brahea Edulis

Also known as the Guadalupe Palm

Hardiness -10c

Trithrinax Brasiliensis.jpg

Trithrinax Brasiliensis

Also known as the Brazilian needle palm

Hardiness -6c

Washingtonia Filifera.jpg

Washingtonia Filifera

Also called the California Fan Palm,  the desert fan palm, California fan palm, or California palm.

Hardiness -15c

Jubaea Chilensis.jpg

Jubaea Chilensis

Also goes by the names Chilean Wine palm, Honey palm, honey tree, and Chilean Coquito palm Hardiness -14c

Salba Minor.jpg


Otherwize know as the Dwarf Palmetto

Hardiness -18c

Livistonia Chinensis.jpg

Livistonia Chinensis

Also known as the Fountain palm or Chinese Fan Palm.

Hardiness -12c

Washingtonia robusta.jpg

Washingtonia Robusta
Known by the names Skyduster Palm and Mexican fan palm

Hardiness -7c

Trachycarpus Wagnerianus

Commonly known as the Waggie

Hardiness -15c

Trachycarpus Wagnerianus.jpg
Phoenix Canariensis.jpg

Canary Palm Tree

Commonly known as the Phoenix Canariensis or Date Palm.

Hardiness -7c

Salba Yapa.jpeg

Sabal Yapa

Also known as the Thatch Palm

Hardiness -4c

Trachycarpus Princeps.jpg

Trachycarpus Princeps

Also known as the Stonegate palm.

Hardiness -15c

Trachycarpus Takil.jpg

Trachycarpus Takil

Also goes by the name Kumaon palm

Hardiness -14c

salba uresansa.jpg

Sabal Uresana

Commonly known as the Sonoran palmetto.

Hardiness -12c


Sabal Palmetto

Also known as cabbage palm, cabbage palmetto, sabal palm, blue palmetto, Carolina palmetto, common palmetto, Garfield's tree, and swamp cabbage.

Hardiness -13c

Windamere palm.jpg

Trachycarpus Manipur

Also known as Naga hills and the Windamere palm

Hardiness -13c

Trachycarpus Fortunei.jpg

Trachycarpus Fortunei

More commonly known as the Windmill Palm, Chinese windmill palm or Chusan palm

Hardiness -15c

Butia Paraguayensis.jpg

Butia Paraguayensis

Goes by the name Dwarf Butia palm or Dwarf Yatay palm.

Hardiness -9c


Butia Capita

Also called the Pindo Palm, Jelly Palm or Butia Odorata)

Hardiness -10c

Brahea Super Silver

Also goes by the name Silver Rock palm

Hardiness -9c

Brahea Super Silver.jpg

Chamaerops Humilis 'Vulcano'

Hardiness -10c


Brehea Decumbens 

Also called the Mexican Dwarf Blue palm or Sierra Madre Palm.

Hardiness -12c

Brahea Elegans.jpg

Brahea Elegans

Also called the Franceschi Palm.

Hardiness -6c

Chamaedorea Microspadix.jpg

Chamaedorea Microspadix

Commonly known as the Bamboo palm.

Hardiness - 6c

 The Cardboard Palm

 Also known as Cardboard Plant, Cardboard Sago, Cardboard Cycad, Jamaican Sago, and Mexican Cycad requires full sun to part shade and is hardy when mature down to -6c

the cardboard palm tree.jpg
Bismarck palm tree.jpg

Bismarckia Nobilis

Common names are the Bismarck Palm, Bismarckia palm and Nobilis Palm. These trees require full sun to part shade and are hardy down to about -6c

Jade Empress Palm Tree.jpg

The Jade Empress Palm


 Also known as Jade Palm, Lady Finger Palm, Finger Palm, Finger Lady Palm These palms are hardy down to about -6c and require shade to part shade.

The Sylvester Date Palm

Other wize known as Sugar Date Palm, India Date Palm, Silver Date Palm, and Wild Date Palm is hardy to -9c and requires full sun to part shade. It can even double up as a house palm.

Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera.jpg

Chamaerops Humilis Cerifera

Also known as the Blue Mediterranean Fan Palm.

Hardiness -10c


Chamaerops Humilis
Also known as the European Fan palm and the Mediterranean Dwarf Palm

Hardiness -12c


Brehea Armata

Also known as the Mexican Blue palm or Hesper palm.

Hardiness -9c

Brahea Calcarea.jpg

Brahea Calcarea

Hardiness -8c

Chamaedorea Radicalis.jpg

Chamaedorea Radicalis

Commonly known as the Hardy Parlour palm

Hardiness - 8c

trachycarpus nova.jpg

Trachycarpus Nova

The fastest growing of all the Trachycarpus. It's also known as the Green Princeps palm.

Hardy to about -12c

Windermere Palm.jpg

Trachycarpus latisectus

Also known as the Windermere Palm. It is a stunning palm with large, nearly-circular leaves. When the tree is mature it forms a smooth grey trunk.

Hardy to around -6c

Trachycarpus martianus.jpg

Trachycarpus Martianus

This palm forms a slender trunk that lacks the trunk fibres of other Trachycarpus species. Leaves are very large and exotic looking.. 

Hardy to around -5c


Trachycarpus sp Kinla Hill


 A fast growing palm with leaves that have a hint of silver / blue with a slight white underside. Hardy to around -10c

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