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Exotic Shrubs

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Oreopanax xalapensis.jpg

Syneilesis Aconitifolia
The lion hand tree thrives in full sun to part shade.
This is a tender shrub withstanding Temperatures 5-10c

Manihot grammi, Esculenta.jpg

Manihot Grammi Esculenta Variegata

The variegated Tapioca is a stunning variegated tropical plant

Max height 1.8m. Needs full sun.

Tender. Best in the conservatory or heated greenhouse for winter.

Manihot grahamii.jpg

Manihot Grammi

 Manihot Grammi can die to the ground in winter but can soon reach up to 3m in a season. Winter hardy when mature.

Max height 3m Max spread 1.8m.

Trevesia palmata 'Micholitzii.JPG

Trevesia palmata 'Micholitzii

The snowflake Aralia requires full sun to part shade and can grow 15-20ft high. Hardy to -5c

Oreopanax Dactylifolius

Hardy to - 5c

Evergreen shrub

Full sun

Can reach a height of 5m and a spread of 2m after 10-20 Years.

Abutilon Pictum
The painted abutilon are hardy to -5c

The do well in sun or semi shade. Mature height 5-8ft

Abutilon pictum.webp
blood sambang leaf.jpg

Sambang Darah

Also known as the Excoecaria cochinchinensis, Chinese croton, blindness tree, buta buta, jungle fire plant.

This is an evergreen shrub growing up to 2m high.

Hardy to around -1c so best grown in a large container so it can be brought into the greenhouse or conservatory for winter. This can also double up as a house plant.

Manihot grammi, Esculenta.webp
Manihot Grammi Esculenta Crantz 

Max height 4m. Needs full sun to part shade.

Tender. Best in the conservatory or heated greenhouse for winter.

Melianthus major.jpg
Melianthus major
The great honey flower or honey bush as it is known
can grown 2.5m tall.
It requires full sun and hardy when mature and
if planted deep in the ground.
Schefflera delavayi.jpg

Schefflera delavayi
The hardy sheffleras name speaks for itself.

The do well in sun or part shade. Mature height 6-12ft


Schefflera Rhododendrifolia
Commonly known as the umbrella tree grows up to and is hardy to around -10c. At full maturity it can grown 10m high.

This shefflera can be grown in full sun to part shade.

schefflera taiwaniana.jpg

Schefflera Taiwaniana 
The evergreen Taiwanese schefflera can reach 4m in height and can be grown in full sun to part shade. Full hardy.

Photinia Fraseri Pink Marble.jpg
Photinia Fraseri Pink Marble
A variegated pink, evergreen shrub that can grow 2.5-4m tall.
It prefers full sun to part shade and is winter hardy.
shefflera alpina.jpg

Schefflera Alpina
The Alpine schefflera can grow in full sun too part shade. They can grow up to 5m tall.

Hardy to around -5c


Buddleja Globosa

Also known as the orange-ball-tree, orange ball buddleja, and matico. It is a tall shrub that can grow up to 5m.

Hardy up to 15c and prefers full sun

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