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"We visited Dirt Cheap Plants yesterday and was impressed by how many and how cheap the palms were. We are very happy with our purchased and shall definitely be returning" 
Mrs Web

"Lots of plants on offer. I was given lots of advice on how to plant and care for the plants too. Highly recommend. Worth a trip"

"Bought a huge lush olive tree, they even delivered it for us, nice place, lots of stuff. We will visit again"
Mr & Mrs Earnshaw

"We are landscaping our new home and wanted a tropical jungle like garden. We purchased Cordylines, yuccas, palms and a few tropical plants, Echiums, Cannas, Grasses, few bedding plants. They even had handing baskets which they put a few extra plants in. What a gem of a place. A great find ;) "

"Been wanting a big palm for a long time, here i could finally afford one and it looks great in my garden. Very happy"

"They didn't have what I wanted in stock but they ordered me four 3.5m Fan palms for our restaurant. I was given lots of help on how to care for these palms. Recommended" 

"Outstanding customer service & quality. Fast communication, I did have a lot of questions about plants and palms before I made an appointment to visit this place lol 
Very good prices. I will be back soon"

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