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Integrating Water Features
In Your Garden 

A pot or large bowl

Any watertight pot of a good size can be turned into a mini-pond. Surround it with lush planting to integrate it and add one or two Oxygenator aquatic plants to help keep the water algae-free. You could add a solar pump to a pot for extra sound and decoration. 



A half-barrel

A half-barrel is ideal where space is limited. Submerge its base, as the earth acts as insulation and makes it less likely to freeze in winter. Add marginal plants such as Iris, Creeping Jenny, Miniature Bulrush, Golden Sedge or Corkscrew rush.

A bath or sink

A ceramic Belfast sink makes an excellent small pond. Position it to get good light but not full, all-day sunshine. Seal any drainage holes with silicone and provide a leg-up for wildlife with bricks, logs or a wooden ramp. An old bath can look just as good if you have a the space.


A fountain mask

A fountain mask above a stone trough or sink will give a relaxing trickle of water – especially welcome near a seating area. 


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A Pond

       Top Tips for Pond Care

  • Install a pump to re-circulate water and provide a continuous flow

  • Experiment with water-flow rate to achieve a pleasing sound from a running tap or fountain

  • Net your pond before autumn leaves begin to fall to prevent them from clogging the water

  • Combat algae growth by floating a mesh bag of barley straw; remove when it turns black

  • Make your garden pond reflective with fish-safe dye such as Dyofix Pond Black or Blue

  • Top up the water level in dry weather using rainwater, if possible, collected in a butt.


A Birdbath 

Birds like garden water features and often frequent them for a drink. But more specifically, birds absolutely love running water as the movement sparkles in the sun and attracts their attention.



Water features come in many different styles, however, they all have the ability to transform your garden, adding sound, movement and a great deal of interest.


Fabulous effects and be achieved with stone and granite effect water features, fountains, waterfalls and cascades with water flowing over rocks and into pools authentically crafted from heavy duty resin and lit by bright LEDs.

Naturalistic, rustic or contemporary, self-contained stone effect features can be adapted for a variety of landscapes without the need for a mains water supply.

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