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Plants for Shade

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large tree fern.jpg

Dicksonia Antarctica
Perfect for full sun to full shade. This soft tree fern just requires more watering in full sun. Stuff the crown with straw in winter.

Temperatures 10c

Gunnera Manicata.jpg


A giant stunning addition to any Tropical garden thriving in part to full shade. In winter cut the  l eaves of, cover in straw then pile the leaves on top in a pile to cover it from harsh frosts.



 This Perennial

plant produces huge leaves like the Gunnera. 

Mulch over in winter

caster oil plant.jpg

Fatsia japonica

Also known as the paper plant, false caster oil plant,[or Japanese aralia. This large plant can reach 2.53m wide and high. It's a hardy evergreen shrub that produces white flowers.

fatsia spiders web.jpg
Fatsia Japonica Spiders Web

A stunning addition to any garden with variegated evergreen leaves. Hardy in the UK in a sheltered spot. Max height and spread 2.5m. 

fatsia camouflage.jpg

Fatsia Japonica Camouflage
Another evergreen hardy shrub that grown max height and spread 2m


Fatsia Polycarpa 'Green Fingers'

Also known as the Japanese fig leaf palm.  Polycarpa love a shaded sheltered spot. Hardy in the UK.

Fatsia Variegata.jpg

Fatsia japonica 'Variegata'

Another show stopping evergreen shrub that can reach a max height and spread of around 2m.

Hardy in the UK.

hosta wu la la.jpg


Hostas come in an array of colours, textures and sizes. They are perennial plants that thrive in a shady location. Perfect for a planter or in the garden.


Ferns add depth and texture to any shaded area. Some ferns are evergreen whilst some die back in winter. Some species of ferns are more hardy than others.

hardy ferns.jpg
brunnera plant.jpg


Brunneras like hostas come in an array of colours, sizes and textures.

These hardy perennials are good filler plants to add ground coverage and depth to a boarder.



These  herbaceous perennials plants have varied foliage from deep red to green. They have tall flowers that can reach to   30-150 cm tall.



Sedums are tough perennials. Some are evergreen and make good ground cover whilst other die back in winter and can reach about 1m tall. 



Most violas are grown as annuals but some species are perennials. These shade loving beauties look great in hanging baskets, planters or in a shady boarder.

Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty'.jpg

Podophyllum 'Spotty Dotty'

Spotty dotty are known for there dramatic leaves and bell shaped flowers. Toxic if eaten. Hardy to around -5c. Mulch over in winter or place in an unheated greenhouse.

toad lilies.jpg

Toad lily - Tricyrtis 

Flowering from August through to October, these perennial plants will reach a height of 60cm where these showy flowers sit against long green foliage. 

japanise spotted laurels.jpg

Japanese Spotted Laurel

Spotted Laurel are also referred to as Aucuba japonica ‘Crotonifolia’. It is a remarkable evergreen plant that boasts glossy, thick, dark green foliage with distinctive yellow spots and vibrant red berries from late summer to early spring, and small maroon flowers in spring.  It can be pruned to stay small to add texture to a Tropical garden or left to grow to a 3m hedge. This also makes ab great potted house plant

lugworth plant.jpg

Lungwort Plants

Lungwort are evergreen or herbaceous perennials that form clumps or rosettes. They are covered in hairs of varied length and stiffness, and sometimes also bear glands. They can be adventurous in the garden but great if you need ground cover.

bleeding hears plant.jpg

Dicentra - Bleeding hearts

These hardy, elegant plants are shade-loving perennials grown for their pendulous spring flowers. They can grow up to 90cm tall and 60cm wide.



Also known as wood lily and wake robin. These are herbaceous, clump-forming perennials with large leaves and gently nodding, solitary flowers which stand on tall stems above the foliage. Toxic if eaten.

lily of the valley.jpg

lily of the valley

Loved for its fragrant summer flowers this plant makes great ground cover. Lily of the valley thrives in a moist, shaded spot, and gradually spreads to form dense clumps of lush, green foliage.

solomon's seal.jpg

Solomon's seal

Other wize known as the ladder of heaven is a perennial with graceful, arching stems with pleated oval leaves that are paired along their length. These are joined by lightly scented, green-tipped, white bell-like flowers in May and June, followed by black berries. It can grow up to 80cm tall.



Coleus is a genus of annual or perennial herbs or shrubs, sometimes succulents. They can also be a house plant and easily grown in water from a cutting. These make a stunning addition to any tropical garden.


Hardy, perennial plants that thrive in shade. They make neat, low mounds of foliage in a wide choice of bold and exciting colours, heucheras make striking additions to borders and containers in partial shade. 



Hellebore are low growing perennial plants with flowers of many colours. Some species are herbaceous and some are evergreen.

acer trees.jpg


Acers, also known as maples, are mainly deciduous trees or shrubs.  Many produce vibrant Autumnn colour and some have ornamental stems and bark. Larger acers make beautiful specimen trees  Japanese maples are more compact,



Bergenia is a hardy, evergreen perennial plant  It is sometimes called Elephant's Ears or Pig Squeak!

Bergenia displays striking rosettes and clumps of foliage usually deep  red or green.

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