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Hardy Ginger Plants

A List of Hardy Hedychium Species and Hybrids

Hedychium coccineum (Scarlet Ginger Plant)

This is a wonderful 5-7' tall species of hardy ginger lily renowned for its large head size and for being the first species to flower...often starting in early July. Each 18" tall flower spike is composed of small dark orange flowers with a very dark orange centre.  All the florets open at the same time, creating quite a show. Hedychium coccineum reblooms on new pseudostems from summer thru early fall. This is one of the only hardy species with no floral fragrance, so if you see a H. coccineum sold as fragrant, 

Hedychium coccineum 'Disney' (Disney Scarlet Ginger) (aka: Hedychium Honduras Form) is considered one of the best selections of the Himalayan Hedychium coccineum. Hedychium 'Disney' has wonderfully glaucous foliage with a reddish cast to the underside on a very tall 7' stem. At the top in late summer you will find brilliant, orange-red, delightfully fragrant flowers. Hedychium 'Disney' stays very erect in part sun, unlike some of the other gingers.

Hedychium coccineum 'Tara' (Tara Scarlet Ginger) is a selection that performs equally as well in the upper South as well as the Pacific Northwest. Hedychium 'Tara' emerges in late spring with 6' stalks of grey-green foliage that rocket skyward. In late summer, the vigorous clumps are topped with lightly fragrant, 16" bottlebrush spikes of bright orange flowers. 

Hedychium coronarium (Butterfly Ginger Plant) is a real attention-getter in late summer and fall as the rich, honeysuckle-like fragrance pervades the evening air from 2" wide butterfly-like white flowers. The 4' tall stalks emerge from a thick, slowly growing rhizome and grow through the spring and summer. In late summer, pine cone-like buds form atop the stems. Soon the flowers emerge, a few each day, to perfume the air until the first heavy frost. 

Hedychium densiflorum (Dense Ginger Lily) is from the temperate regions of the Himalayas and makes a more compact clump that other hardyhedychium species. The 4' tall stalks are topped in summer with densely packed orange-yellow flowers which, unlike other gingers, open from the tip downwards. The flowers are deliciously scented. 

Hedychium densiflorum 'Stephen' (Stephen Ginger Lily) is a delightful dwarf ginger lily discovered in Nepal by the UK's Tony Schilling, who named his new find after his son. Hedychium 'Stephen' is perfect for the small garden where space is a consideration. Not only does 'Stephen' top out around 3-4', but the narrow foliage makes for a rather svelte specimen. Hedychium 'Stephen' is topped with slender flower heads of fragrant, butterscotch-yellow flowers each highlighted by contrasting orange anthers. Hedychium 'Stephen' starts flowering in late July and repeats until late September. 

Hedychium ellipticum (Shaving Brush Ginger) The 5-6' tall clumps are topped with white flowers and red stamens, which produce a lovely clove-like scent. 

Hedychium flavescens (Yellow Ginger Lily) is a massive Indian species that can reach 8-9' in height. The very huge, hairy foliage, especially on the new growth, adorns the giant stalks. In late fall, the plants are topped with wonderful clusters of creamy yellow flowers. Hedychium flavescens is a later flowering species, so in areas that freeze prior to November, you will want to keep this one indoors. 

Hedychium forrestii (Forest's Ginger Lily) is a unique but little-known ginger lily that boasts large, glossy green, canna-like leaves on the massive 8' tall stalks. Beginning in late summer, the top of each spike becomes a giant flower head, each with dozens of white, narrow-petaled, hymenocallis-like flowers emitting a strong, delightfully sweet fragrance. 

Hedychium gardnerianum 'Compactum' (Compact Kahili Ginger Lily) is from Nepal and is a very showy 4-5' tall ginger that boasts giant flower heads of brilliant yellow, fragrant flowers but the highlight is the dark orange stigmas that protrude from each flower and provide a stunning contrast from September through November. 

Hedychium gardnerianum 'Extendum' (Giant Kahili Ginger Lily) is 6-8' giant topped, starting in late August/early September, with flower heads of light yellow flowers with a very strong fragrance. 

Hedychium gracile (Gracile Ginger Lily) is a rare, dwarf species from India that is topped in very late summer with an inflorescence of tiny star-like white flowers with a contrasting orange-red stigma. The perfect plant for the small garden.

Hedychium greenii (Green's Ginger Lily) is a wonderful 3-4' tall ginger that is considered the star of the genus. The dark green leaves have a red underside that give a wonderful garden effect. The clumps are topped with small scarlet red flowers starting in midsummer. Hedychium greenii is the only species that produces small plantlets where the flowers fade. 

Hedychium maximum (Giant Ginger Lily) is a plant that is very confused in the trade since most plants under this name are Hedychium coronarium. The 5-7' tall ginger is topped with large heads of fragrant yellow flowers. 

Hedychium spicatum (Spiked Ginger Lily, Kapur Kachari) is a 4' tall clump, topped in summer with narrow-petalled fragrant white flowers with yellow or orange markings at the base. 

Hedychium yunnanense (Yunnan Ginger Lily) is a 4' tall species with narrow yellow petals that starts flowering in July and reblooms again in late September.

Hedychium 'Anne Bishop'(Anne Bishop Ginger Lily) is 5-6' tall stunning hybrid with huge flower heads of apricot blooms with a strong sweet scent that starts for us in late August. 

Hedychium 'Apple Court' (Apple Court Ginger Lily) The massive 1'+ long flower heads of brilliant orange top the 5-6' tall clump in midsummer and again in early Autumn.

Hedychium 'Betty Ho' (Betty Ho Ginger Lily) is a 6' to 7' tall hybrid. The sweet gardenia-fragranced flowers, which start in early September, are light creamy yellow with orange stamens.

Hedychium 'Carnival' (Carnival Ginger Lily) This 4' tall and slow-multiplying selection with brightly red-marked stalks begins flowering for us in late summer and early Autumn. The huge 14" heads of fragrant, bright butterscotch-yellow flowers put on a show that lasts for several weeks. 

Hedychium 'CP Raffill' (CP Raffill Ginger Lily) (aka: Hedychium x raffillii) This ginger is touted as one of the finest ginger lilies ever hybridized. This cross (reportedly Hedychium coccineum x Hedychium gardnerianum, but assumed now to be straight Hedychium coccineum) is the earliest ginger to flower, often starting in early to mid-July.

Hedychium 'Daniel Weeks' (Daniel Weeks Ginger Lily) Hedychium flavescens x gardnerianum) and is one of the longest-flowering of the ginger lilies, starting here in late July or early August, and continuing until frost. The 4'+ tall stalks are topped with scrumptious, golden-yellow flowers with a dark gold throat. In early evening, the air is perfumed with their strong honeysuckle-like fragrance. This rapid grower will make a 3-4' wide clump of arching canes in only a couple of seasons. 

Hedychium 'Dave Case' (Dave Case Ginger Lily) is 6' - 7' tall Tom Wood hybrid with a ten inch floral spike of many pure orange, fragrantly-scented flowers, starting in early September. 

Hedychium 'Dr. Moy' (Dr. Moy Ginger Lily) is the first variegated foliage winter hardy ginger…a true breakthrough. In September, the 4' tall clumps are topped with fragrant, peachy-orange flowers with a darker orange throat. 

Hedychium 'Elizabeth' (Elizabeth Ginger Lily) is the tallest and most imposing ginger lily we grow, both for size and for flower. Starting in late July, the towering 9' tall stalks of this Tom Wood Hedychium coccineum hybrid are topped with clusters of brilliant reddish-orange flowers. In late afternoon, the exquisite honeysuckle-like fragrance wafts through the garden from its lofty perch. 

Hedychium 'Fiesta' (Fiesta Flaming Torch Ginger) is a Hedychium coccineum hybrid that makes a 6' tall clump topped, starting in August, with spikes of bright scarlet orange flowers.

Hedychium 'Flaming Torch' (Flaming Torch Ginger Lily) is a Hedychium coccineum hybrid that forms a huge mass of 6-7' tall stalks, each topped with a 1' long head of bright orange flowers in mid-July. Following flowering, a new set of stems emerge, which flower in September and October. The clump looks like a series of giant torches. 

Hedychium 'Four Way' (Four Way Ginger Lily) is a Tom Wood hybrid with a nice compact size…to only 48" tall. In early September, the clumps are topped until frost with large fragrant flowers of a very light peachy pink with a darker orange throat. The lower two petals are completely split from each other, hence the name "four way". 

Hedychium 'Gold Flame' (Gold Flame Ginger Lily) is a 4' tall vigorous Tom Wood hybrid with heads of fragrant golden flowers with golden orange throats. Hedychium 'Gold Flame' will flower consistently from late July until frost. 

Hedychium 'Golden Butterfly' (Golden Butterfly Ginger Lily) blooms from early August until frost. The 6' tall stalks are topped in late summer with very fragrant orange yellow flowers with bright red stamens.

Hedychium 'Kahili Ann' (Kahili Ann Ginger Lily) is a 6-7' tall hybrid. The clump is topped with flower spikes of pastel orange-pink with darker coral orange centre. 

Hedychium 'Kai Yang' (Kai Yang Ginger Lily) is a vigorous hybrid that is one of the earliest to flower for us...usually in late July. From then until frost, the 4' clumps are topped with pure white flowers with a bright yellow lip and a peachy-coloured stigma. The fragrance is a delightful honeysuckle scent...especially strong in the evening. 

Hedychium 'Kin Ogi' (Kin Ogi Ginger Lily) The strong 6' tall stalks are topped in July  with stunning 1' tall flowers heads of large, butterscotch-orange, fragrant flowers. 

Hedychium 'Kinkaku' (Kinkaku Ginger Lily) is a 6' tall clump topped, starting in midsummer, with floral cones of peachy salmon flowers with a darker orange lip. The fragrance from the flowers is strongest in late afternoon. This is probably a Hedychium coccineum x Hedychium coronarium hybrid.

Hedychium 'Lemon Beauty' (Lemon Beauty Ginger Lily) forms a clump of 4-5' tall stalks, topped in early September  with a tremendous floral show of very fragrant soft yellow flowers with a dramatically contrasting orange throat and stamens. 

Hedychium 'Lemon Sherbet' (Lemon Sherbet Ginger Lily) is 6' - 8' tall Tom Wood hybrid that produces 12" long spikes of large ruffled yellow flowers with showy stamens. 

Hedychium 'Luna Moth' (Luna Moth Ginger Lily) is a 4' tall Tom Wood hybrid with large pure white flowers that look like moths. 

Hedychium 'Moy Giant' (Moy Giant Ginger Lily) The 7' tall, lushly foliaged clumps are topped starting in August  with large, lusciously fragrant trusses of very light yellow flowers, each with a contrasting dark yellow eye. 

Hedychium 'Mutant' (Mutant Ginger Lily) is a cute Tom Wood hybrid that makes a 5' tall clump topped in late summer with clusters of narrow light yellow flowers with dark yellow throats, a cute little fused harelip, and emanates the unmistakable aroma of honeysuckle. 

Hedychium 'Palani' (Palani Ginger Lily) is an extremely vigorous 8' tall selection with orange-red very fragrant flowers, that starts flowering for us in July. 

Hedychium 'Peach Delight' (Peach Delight Ginger Lily) is a Hedychium coccineum x coronarium hybrid with 6-7' tall stalks that are topped with peachy-orange flowers with a dark orange throat (suffused with yellow) from early August through frost. The fabulous honeysuckle-like fragrance is superb. 

Hedychium 'Pink Flame' (Pink Flame Ginger Lily)  This slowly spreading compact ginger is adorned in late August and into Autumn with clusters of extremely fragrant peachy flowers with a wide dark orange.

Hedychium 'Pink Princess' (Pink Princess Ginger Lily) grows to 5' tall, and is topped with spikes of fragrant pink flowers, starting in early September.

Hedychium 'Pink Sparks' (Pink Sparks Ginger Lily) is a 4-5' tall selection with new purple growth. The clumps are topped with small pink blooms with long pink stamens. 

Hedychium 'Pradhanii' (Pradhanii Ginger Lily) is an old hybrid from India that is still one of the most spectacular ginger clumps in our garden. A mature clump of this vigorous grower is composed of dozens of 7' tall stalks, each topped with large spikes of light peach-coloured flowers from August until frost. The throat of each flower is peach-coloured, changing to yellow near the end of the petals and has a light honeysuckle fragrance. 

Hedychium 'Tac Moto' (Ginger Lily)   has pure golden yellow fragrant flowers with a darker yellow throat and stamen.

Hedychium 'Tai Alpha' (Tai Alpha Ginger Lily) is one of the shorter and earliest-flowering of the Tai hybrids. Each 6' clump begins flowering in early July with 10" inflorescences of large, fragrant, light yellow flowers. 

Hedychium 'Tai Conch Pink' (Tai Conch Pink Ginger Lily) is an extremely vigorous, fast-growing, 5-6' tall clump. Starting in August, The clumps are topped with 6" long, lightly fragrant flower heads of "conch pink." 

Hedychium 'Tai Emperor' (Tai Emperor Ginger Lily) is a 5-6' tall selection, topped with spikes of light pink flowers

Hedychium 'Tai Empress' (Tai Empress Ginger Lily) is a 5' tall selection, topped, starting in early summer, with numerous 6" flower heads of lightly fragrant, salmon-pink flowers , each with a darker orange eye

Hedychium 'Tai Golden Goddess' (Tai Golden Goddess Ginger Lily) is a unique-coloured marvelous hybrid that has really stood out in our garden. The 6' tall stalks are topped in late summer with 12-14" heads of sweetly fragrant, golden-orange flowers.

Hedychium 'Tai Mammoth' (Tai Mammoth Ginger Lily) is a 6' tall ginger that produces huge, 15" tall flower heads bearing large, 3.5", strongly scented flowers. Each butterfly-shaped flower is a creamy light yellow with a darker central pattern. Hedychium 'Tai Mammoth' starts blooming in very early summer and continues into Autumn. 

Hedychium 'Tai Monarch' (Tai Monarch Ginger Lily) blooms from midsummer until fall with huge 12"+ flower heads. Each flower head is composed of 100+ light yellow flowers with the intoxicatingly strong fragrance of honeysuckle. 

Hedychium 'Tai Pink Princess' (Tai Pink Princess Ginger Lily) comes the closest to pink flowers of any ginger. The 5-6' stalks are topped with 8" inflorescences of salmon-pink flowers, starting in late summer and continuing until frost. 

Hedychium 'Tai Pink Profusion' (Tai Pink Profusion Ginger Lily) is a Hedychium coccineum hybrid producing a 6' tall clump topped with compact, 6-8" tall inflorescences. Each inflorescence is virtually a profusion of peachy-pink flowers in late summer.

Hedychium 'Tai Savannah' (Tai Savannah Ginger Lily) is a hybrid. The 5' tall stems, adorned with huge green leaves are topped, starting in midsummer, with 12" tall inflorescences. Each flower head is home to 100+ very fragrant, creamy-white flowers with a darker yellow central pattern and contrasting yellow-orange stamens. 

Hedychium 'Tai Sunlight' (Tai Sunlight Ginger Lily) is a 5' tall hybrid that begins flowering in mid-July and continues until frost with 10" flower heads of fragrant, light yellow flowers atop the 5' tall stalks. 

Hedychium 'Tangerine' (Tangerine Ginger Lily) is an extremely vigorous 8' tall selection with fragrant peachy-pink flowers, that starts flowering in July and continues until Autumn.

Hedychium 'Vanilla Ice' (Vanilla Ice Ginger Lily)  The rare, reverted, larger-growing, less-variegated shoots should be promptly removed. In our trials, it rarely exceeds 3' in height and is topped in late summer with deliciously fragrant peachy-pink flowers. 

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