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Colocasia Plants
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The vast majority of Colcasias ( Tarro) Grow up to Growth up to 1.5m with leaves around 70cm long.
Some species grow even larger.

Colocasias also known as Elephants Ears need to be dry stored in winter or be kept inside in winter. I pot mine up in dry compost, put them somewhere Frost free then no water at all until the following spring.
Alternatively you can pot the bulbs in sawdust in a dry paper bag and keep them some where dry and frost free for winter.


Pink china and gaoligongensis can be left in the ground all year and mulched over in winter.

Full sun to dappled shade for colocasias.

Colocasias like to be kept quite wet. When they are larger than large plug plants they can be stood in water.
These stunning flamboyant Tropical plants look fantastic in any Tropical garden, as house plants or as marginal pond plants.

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