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Exotic Palm Trees

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kentia palm.jpg
Kentia Palm

Howea forsteriana It is also known as the Thatch palm, Sentry Palm, Howea Forsteriana and Paradise Palm.

It is by far the most popular indoor palm because of its durability and elegant appearance. The Kentia Palm Tree doesn’t require much maintenance and can easily adapt to a wide range of soil conditions. 

Phoenix dactylifera.jpg
Phoenix Dactylifera

Commonly known as Date, Edible Date, True Palm or Date Palm.
This palm has a striking blue appearance.
The Phoenix Dactyliferia requires full sun and hardy to -3c but the soil but be kept pretty dry.
Phoenix Roebelenii

Also goes by the names of dwarf date palm, pygmy date palm, miniature date palm.
This palm can survive in sun to part shade and is an ideal conservatory palm.
areca palm.jpg
Areca Palm

Also known as Golden cane palm, Golden feather palm, yellow palm, butterfly palm, Dypsis lutescens  or bamboo palm. This palms requires bright indirect light and is best grown indoors.
triangle palm.jpg
Travellers Palm

Also called the majestic palm, or majesty palm needs part shade away from direct sunlight and is tender in frosts.
Travellers palm.jpg
Gaussia Maya Palm 

This palm requires full sun to part shade and can only tolerate very mild frosts when very mature.

Gaussia maya.webp
foxtail palm.webp
Fox Tail Palm
The Wodyetia bifurcata palm requires full sun to part shade and can only tolerate mild frosts when very mature.

bottle palm.jpg
The Bottle Palm 

Hyophorbe lagenicaulis or the palmiste gargoulette needs full sun and it tender in frosts.
fruticans mangrove palm.jpg
Mangrove Palm

Nypa fruticans, commonly known as the nipa palm or simply nipa thrives in muddy locations and in water.
spindle palm.jpg
Spindle Palm Tree

Also known as Hyophorbe verschaffeltii, Hyophorbe verschafeltii, Palmiste Marron Palmor the European spindle tree. Requires sull sun to light shade. Tender in frosts.
The Oil Palm

Elaeis guineensis requires full sun and high temperatures, so will not survive frosts,
palm oil tree.jpg
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